Kids America

Our Story

While new to the scene, Kids America has quietly been putting their sound together over the past two years.

This group is a new found sound.

Music the whole fam can jam but made for the world. Kids America reminds us of what we all want to be.

The young minds are most impressionable, so it is important for founder and producer Big Time Nate that the youth is given music that reinforces good values while simultaneously holding its competitive edge with current music. A market he felt was highly neglected inspired him to form the group with a twist: Kids America.

Never designed for only kids in mind, this group is giving all ages a second listen as we find ourself not being able to avoid a melody that catches deep within us and stays.

At the center and mission of their sound is “heart”. The founder of Kids America stated that when he looks back at the thing that shaped him the most and molded the best of our culture, it was always one thing:


He felt music was suffering and the world was on the brink of losing something so important to the glue of our society’s success. We cannot lose heart!

At the most important age of development, it is absolutely critical and fundamental that kids are inspired through values that set up their foundational thoughts. Music has a strong impact on our programing of how our thinking is shaped. Even as we age we ought to be reminded of that spark of youth that brings back the kid version of ourself that is the most true to who we are. Our authentic self. Don’t let the name fool you — Kids America just may be your favorite group no matter what age you label yourself. We can assure you, your spirit will thank you!

Let the new mood take over.

We are the now

We are the future

We are

Kids America