Have you ever been driving down the road listening to the radio, when suddenly you realize you’ve known the words to every song that’s played? Whether we recognize it or not, the words we listen to penetrate our subconscious mind and leave an imprint on our brain. As certain behaviors are witnessed and then glamorized, our brains begin to mimic those same behaviors.

That’s why, especially for young kids, it is crucial that the words and behaviors witnessed have a positive impact. Kids America is on a mission to do just that — to determine our destiny and start a revolution of music with a message. With Kids America, the need to choose between good music and good values is no longer. Combining the latest music trends with positive underlying messages and life lessons, this supergroup provides the perfect melody no matter the audience. Here are some important life lessons found in our top 5 songs:


  1. Good Enough:

Just as the title suggests, this song is all about remembering that you are enough just as you are! Youth is filled with limitless optimism, the feeling that you can achieve anything and be anybody if you try hard enough. However, somewhere along the way, we lose that optimism and the dark walls of limiting beliefs begin to appear in front of us. Good Enough is attempting to break down those walls by offering a reminder that YOU are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. No matter what happens, no matter how heavy life gets, the fight is never lost. Kids America urges everyone to stop trying to fit in, stop shrinking to make others feel better, and allow the champion inside to be released to fight the good fight.

“Pick myself win the fight 

The champion inside me

Don’t lose your smile you are good enough

Good enough good enough

Don’t lose the fight there’s no giving up…”


  1. Move Us Along: 

It is hope that will move us along! Move Us Along reminds listeners that no matter what winds arise, or how alone and afraid you may feel, you are stronger than you think. Move Us Along is an anthem of hope; not a promise that the storms won’t come, but confidence that you can withstand whatever does come your way. The song encourages us to ‘hold on’ and never give up. There is always hope and Kids America provides a beat that will move us along.

We’re trying our best in this place 

Running around in the race

Holding our breath as we wait

Let it take us away

Let the beat carry on

As the word will sing

You’ve got to be strong”


  1. Home:

Kids America’s mission encourages us to release our inner child and “Find YOU!” Home encompasses this mission perfectly by inspiring the listener to return to that home inside of you. Being authentic in a world that encourages fitting in rather than standing out can be scary. With the constant pressure to fit in surrounding us, it can be so easy to lose our voice in the noise. And before we even realize it, over time we end up lost and far from home. But it’s never too late to break the chains! We all yearn for home — for our truest, fullest, and most authentic version of who we are. If you’ve been wandering in the dark, Home will give you the courage to return to the light. The courage to return home to You.

“We’ve been in the dark we’ve been in the shade

It’s time we’re going home

I’ve been away for too long

I’ve been missing

Myself missing myself

We’re going home 

We’re going home”

  1. Even If the World Stops:

Even if the World Stops brings to light the importance of connection. We all need someone who understands us, to be there “even if the world stops.” This song teaches and reminds us that it is okay to ask for help, that it is okay to ask someone to hold your hand when you’re falling. You need never feel alone. It also offers a great reminder for us to open our eyes and expand our awareness to those who may be calling out for help, silently. Even if the world does stop, connection can keep us from spinning into darkness. 

“All I need is someone to hear me

In a game I don’t want to play

Cause we all need someone who understands us”


  1. Waiting for a Change: 

The world needs a change, and that change starts with ME! Waiting for a Change brings to light the injustice in the world and demands an answer to the difficult question, “what will it take to make the change?” This song encourages everyone to make a change first in themselves, in order to trigger a change in the world. We are all interconnected, and every thought, word, and action causes a ripple outwards affecting everyone else. Waiting for a Change promotes love over hate and encourages our battles to be united, not divided.

“What’s with all the violence

What’s with all the hate

I can hear the silence

Calling out your name

Waiting for a change.”

Kids America believes in music with a message and the overall mission is clear —  to bring you back to YOU! To help you remember that kid within and begin living from a place of joy and curiosity. Join Kids America as they work to spark a change through spreading wholesome education and dynamic leadership that will shape our future! Give the new Kids America album a listen and let us know in the comments what lessons stood out to you in these contagious five songs!

Let the new mood take over.

We are now.

We are the future.

We are Kids America.

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