7 reasons to listen to kids americaStop and think!

Where did you hear music today? Did you even recognize it? Maybe it was in the grocery store, on your commute to work, in the background of the TV commercial you were watching, or even in the bathroom. Music is everywhere! It surrounds us, and believe it or not, it creates us! 

People listen to music for a variety of reasons: entertainment, distraction, relief of tension, or belonging. Regardless of your reasoning, the music you listen to has a monumental effect on who you become. With so much evil hidden in the music of today, Kids America is creating a wave and bringing HEART back to the sound. Here are 7 reasons why every radio and household ought to be playing Kids America on repeat:

1. Trendy Music Made For All Ages:

Life presents us with many choices; almost everything we do requires a decision to be made. You have enough pressure and Kids America doesn’t believe you should have to choose between catchy music and good values. The group does it all by combining the latest trends with the most uplifting lyrics, making them the perfect melody for any occasion. Never designed with only kids in mind, this group is giving all ages a second listen as we find ourselves hooked on a melody that reaches deep within us and stays. Whether you are 2 or 102, Kids America was made for you. It’s time for kids of all ages to be free.

2. Encourages Authenticity:

The world has glamorized fitting in over standing out. Kids America is here to change that script. It is only when you are authentically you, that you are able to make a true impact on the world. Stop letting the limitation of what you think you should be or what the world has told you to be, hold you back. The world needs you. The mission of Kids America is to bring back your inner kid. The innocent you. The authentic you. Just as the supergroup’s top hit HOME says, “I’ve been away for too long, I’ve been missing myself…” It’s time to find yourself, it’s time to come home.

3. Improves Mood & Reduces Stress:

So much of today’s music ignites negative emotion and anxiety in our brains. Extensive research has been conducted looking into the effects of music on our mood. Genre, lyrics, and tone all play a role in the emotional response we have. The group recognizes this very real phenomenon and designs each song with this in mind. The upbeat sound, the empowering lyrics, and the tone of each song release chemicals designed to promote joy. Kids America is the perfect soundtrack to a happy life.

4. Promotes Self-Esteem:

Self-esteem is the foundation of greatness. These up-and-coming artists strive to promote self-esteem along with the idea that “you are enough” in all they do. As children, we used to wonder what we could achieve; the possibilities were endless and we knew we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. Then we were told to grow up and the hope of greatness was crushed. Kids America inspires the kid within us to dream again. Sometimes we just need a friend to give us that boost of youth; to remind us that we have not lost the kid within that can do anything!

“Don’t lose your smile, you are good enough. Don’t lose the fight, there’s no giving up. I can be anything that I want to be.” GOOD ENOUGH.

5. Values and Lessons Packed in Every Song:

As parents, you work day in and day out to teach good values to your kids, yet the music on the radio typically challenges those efforts. It’s a battle to be the loudest voice heard. Well, Kids America is here to join your team! Every song is filled with messages of hope, encouragement, and good values and fundamental principles. At the most important age of development, it is absolutely critical that kids are inspired through values that set up their foundational thoughts. Music has a strong impact on our programming and how our thinking is shaped. Let Kids America be that mold. Let them be the newest member of your team!

6. Offers Hope:

In a world full of chaos and unpredictability, Kids America offers HOPE. Hope of a brighter world, hope of transcending love, hope of a safe future! At the foundation of Kids America, you find HEART. The Kids America brand believes heart is the glue that holds our society together, and they are here to bring it back. They are focused on uniting and strengthening our world for a brighter tomorrow, no matter what is happening around us. It’s never too late and hope is never lost when we unite together as one.

7. Entertainment that Satisfies:

So much of today’s entertainment leaves us with a hunger that cannot be satisfied. We know that something is missing, but what? This supergroup boldly attempts to fill those gaps. Kids America is not just about music or cheap entertainment — it is about digging deeper, finding YOU (the real authentic You), and making a change. They offer more than sound..they offer music with a message, a community full of love, and a light in the darkness. If you are looking to fill that invisible void you oftentimes feel, give Kids America a shot. You just might be surprised.

Kids America goes beyond a music group, it is a movement.

As music continues to direct our society and permeate our souls, Kids America will lead the way. Listen for yourself and discover the magic of the music. Let the beat carry on, let the music take you away. Let your inner child be liberated as you move towards finding YOU!

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